Losch's R.V.F. Certified Male ~Spotted Boer Buck~


Losch's R.V.F. Certified Male @ 15 months! (Sold in June 2017)

 ABGA #10599415



This well built spotted buck is the result of crossing the lines of Fern Hollow Farm Double Action (which traces back to T4 Scorpio) on his Dams side of the pedigree and TAM Spotted Spattered, from Darwin Mcleod of Texas on his Sires side.  The result of this pairing is a spotted buck with good bone structure, muscling and a long, wide topline...........all in a eye catching spotted package!!!  I took Certified Male out to a few ABGA shows in 2014.  He has a few points & has passed both ABGA inspections.  He also has kid points that do not show on the ABGA website, from good rates of gain on the PA Livestock Evaluation Test. Certified Male sired both Top Indexing, and Top Selling buck in the 2016 test program!  Photos shown below.


 Losch's R.V.F. Certified's Priority Male   

Losch's R.V.F. Certified's Priority Male

Top Selling buck at the PA Livestock Evaluation Test Sale in 2016


 Losch's R.V.F. Certified's Jigsaw

Losch's R.V.F. Certified's Jigsaw

Top Indexing buck of the PA Livestock Evaluation Test in 2016



AABG Red Zone ~ Red & White Paint Boer Buck




AABG Red Zone ~ Paint Boer Buck


 AABG Red Zone (Sold in July 2016)

ABGA #10640322

Red Zone is the most recent buck that we have purchased.  We bought him in June 2014 from Able Acres Boer Goats in Indiana...........sight unseen.  I had purchased AABG BDV Kicks on Fire (Traditional buck sired by ennobled Kickin Brass) from them in the past & felt comfortable dealing with them via phone, Email & messages to get all my questions answered.  We met Henry Williams in Ohio & picked him up.  Wow..........were we impressed!!!  Red Zone has ABGA show points, & has passed both visual inspections.  He is DNA tested as well.

His first group of kids were super nice & he gave us a great selection of percentage bucks that we wethered.  Our 4H & FFA kids were thrilled with his kids!  Our intention was to produce a black buck to retain with his body build, an of course.........to carry his genetics forward in our herd.  Red Zone worked himself out of a job, when we fell in love with a black buck sired by him!   We also retained several doe kids from his Winter 2017 kid crop.





Losch's R.V.F. Volt's Night Cloud



 Losch's R.V.F. Volt's Night Cloud (Sold in May 2016)

ABGA# 10659871


We are proud to have produced this buck and are very happy with his kids!  When you research his pedigree, you will see 5 of our herd Sires in the blending of his genetics!   TAM Spotted Spattered, AABG BDV Kicks on Fire, Losch's R.V.F. High Voltage, Losch's R.V.F. Paint Me Black & Max Boer Goats RU Top Spot can all be seen under our "Bucks" tab, then choose "Reference Sires".  Night Cloud has a gorgeous roman head & wide hornset.  He is super long & up headed.  His bite is excellent, he is clean fronted & is 1 + 1 clean teated.  This buck is super easy to handle, as he was a bottle baby.  He was never shown, but we did take him (in breeding condition) and had him inspected.  He passed both ABGA inspections. We retained 11 of his Spring 2016 doelings prior to selling him to TJ of KS Painted Boers @ the Wild and Wonderful Boer Goat Sale in 2016.





SGR Polar's Copy Right 



~S G R Polar's Copy Right (Deceased 4/17/2014)~

ABGA# 10568682 


We purchased Polar's Copy Right in June 2012 from Sunshine Boer Goats in TN.  A huge thanks to Sheryl Pearcy!  Love, Love, Love this buck!   I am amazed at how Polar's Copy Right stamped his offspring.  They have his beautiful head & framework. Copy Right was shown lightly and passed both visual inspections for ennoblement.   His maturity was due to genetics, not a high powered show feed regimen!  Love when genetics kick in and give you the results you want in kids......without all the expensive feed supplements to promote growth!  This buck exceeded our expectations, passing along the color from our doe base onto some VERY well built kids.  Unfortunately, we lost Polar's Copy Right on 4/17/14.  Although I was furious at the time........I am now glad that Polar kept going through the fence & bred most of my yearling TAM Spotted Spattered does.  I was blessed with a nice kid crop Sired by him in the Spring of 2014.  We still have several does sired by him in our herd and also retained a wildly dappled buck as his replacement.  Check out the quality Copy Right passed onto Losch's R.V.F. Polar's Mossy Oak, under our "Current Herd Sires" tab!!!




~ Fern Hollow Farm Double Action~ (Deceased 12/23/14)

ABGA# 10379207    

 ~Photo Courtesy of Holly McShane @ Fern Hollow Farm~

My husband took me to Georgia in March of 2008 for this buck! It was a long trip, but well worth the time we spent to bring DA to our farm.  DA was a beautiful deep liver red & white paint Boer buck of show quality.  He was super long & tall, smooth muscled & had great width front & rear. Weight prior to his 1st birthday was 206 lbs. DA produced beautiful kids that carried his prominent Boer breed characteristics, while also exhibiting excellent weight gains.  Visitors to our farm were amazed at his overall bone mass & size.........especially in his huge hip.  At last weigh in, he was 350 lbs on a pasture only diet. 

DA's offspring won in the ABGA sanctioned show ring & in 4H market goat classes as well.  In 2010, Losch's R.V.F. Rock Solid Red earned DA 17 ABGA points towards ennoblement in just a few sanctioned shows.

Extra Bonus…………DA's genetics blended well with our colored brood does, producing a wide variety of colors, including black, red, traditional & even spots!  We retained numerous does with DA's genetics to compliment our breeding program and carry on his genetics within our herd.  You can still find his genetics dispersed within our herd to date!

~Losch's R.V.F. DA's Rock Solid Red~                                      ~Losch's R.V.F. DA's Painted Poppy

Losch's R.V.F. Rock Solid Red ~Fullblood Red Boer BuckDA's Painted Poppy 





Losch's R.V.F. High Voltage ~ Black & White Spotted Paint Buck


~ Losch's R.V.F. High Voltage (Sold in January 2014) ~

ABGA# 10594202


This awesome black & white spotted paint buck was bred & raised on our farm.  His beautiful head & upheaded stance come from his Dams side of the pedigree which traces back to our Able Acres buck called AABG BDV Kicks on Fire, a Kickin Brass *Ennobled son!  His sire was TAM Spotted Spattered, a buck that took our spotted program to a whole new level.  We loved so many things about High Voltage.  His dam is the full sister to the highest selling buck on the Maryland Pasture Based test program of 2011 in which he ranked 2nd best in parasite resistance......quite an accomplishment for a Boer in a group of 80 bucks that were predominantly Kiko!  High Voltage (aka Volt) was 1 + 1 clean teated & had a perfect bite.  We were thrilled with the kids sired by Volt in the winter of 2013/2014.....retaining several doelings with his genetics still being present in our current hurd.

We had planned on using him on a few more does...........but wanted to reduce our number of bucks, so we sold him to a customer in Canada.  



Sugar Valley Boers Royal -T- Cat


Sugar Valley Boers Royal - T - Cat (SOLD in September 2013)

ABGA# 10571762

We purchased Sugar Valley Boers Royal - T - Cat (aka T-Cat) in January of 2013.  Henry Williams hauled him home for us.  We were looking for a buck with a build that would be beneficial to our wether program.  This buck fit the ticket!  He had an extreme jerk fronted neckline that blended smoothly into his shoulders. Royal - T- Cat was super long & tall, while still maintaining muscle tone.  His loin was wide & the hook to pin ratio excellent.  A true meat makin buck. We were very happy with the kids that T-Cat produced and were fortunate to have gotten several VERY nice "keeper" does to retain before selling him.




 TAM Spotted Spattered ~ Fullblood Spotted Paint Boer Buck 

(7/29/12 photo)

 ~TAM Spotted Spattered (Deceased October 2012)~ 

ABGA# 10513378    

TAM Spotted Spattered was bred by Darwin McLeod of Texas.  We were fortunate to purchase this exceptional spotted Boer buck in 2010, prior to Darwin going out of the goat business. We are so pleased with the quality of this spotted buck!    His genetics include Ennobled DER War Paint, BAMA Red Cloud & RRD War Sassy.  We chose him to lead our Spotted Boer Goat breeding program to a higher level.  His kids did not disappointed us!  His genetic make up blended well with Kick's & DA's, producing spotted offspring with a lot of eye appeal, frame & muscle!  I took Spot into the ABGA Sanctioned show ring in 2012, where he passed both visual inspections and acquired points towards his ennoblement.   

Unfortunately, we lost this buck in a totally freak accident in the Fall of 2012.   His legacy lives on through his offspring that has been retained and used in our breeding program. 

TAM Spotted Spattered was a strong spot producer!  He also produced beautiful paints & also blacks.............which is not surprising as his sire was black & white spotted.  A few photos of his kids are posted below.  His kids colors catch your eye when they are born & draw your attention to their structure as they grow!  He was an absolutely awesome buck!!!   


Spottted/Dappled Boer Goat Buckling ~ Losch's R.V.F. Spotacular Design   

Spotted Boer Goat Buck Kids at Loschs Riverview Farm  

Fullblood Black & White Paint Doe ~Loschs R.V.F. Beauty in Black~Red & White Paint Boer Doe ~Loschs R.V.F. Painted Gina~ 

Spotted Fullblood Doeling at Loschs Riverview Farm

AABG BDV Kicks On Fire

AABG BDV Kicks on Fire

ABGA# 10453526   

 10 Ennoblements in just the first 3 generations!

~Photo Courtesy of Able Acres Boer Goats

Stu & I traveled to Able Acres Boer Goats in Indiana in March of 2009 to select this fine buck.  Kicks was a carbon copy of his sire AABG Kickin' Brass, who was one of the youngest Bucks to be Ennobled through the!

Kicks profiled a wide top line, tight shoulders, clean front end & was absolutely excellent & square on all 4's.  He had tremendous width & balance in both front & rear.  His prominent roman nose & wide horn set completed the overall package.  Kicks on Fire was shown in several ABGA shows, passed both visual inspections for ennoblement & earned points.  We entered 1 buck in the PA Livestock Evaluation Test Program & 1 buck in the MD Pasture based test program in 2011........both sired by Kicks on Fire.  The Penn State entry finished 3rd in his division.  The buck placed on the MD Pasture program, which focuses heavily on parasite resistance & resilience, was the first 100% Boer buck to make it to the sale! He was the highest selling buck sold in the elite group that met the strict standards set forth by the test committee. 

His genetics can still be seen dispersed in our brood does and also in our Jr. Herd Sire:  "Longvu Blackout".




Black & White Paint Fullblood Buck

 ~Losch's R.V.F. Paint Me Black (D.O.B. 1/7/10......SOLD in 2012)

ABGA #10492964

Losch's Riverview Farm is pleased to have produced this flashy black and white paint Boer buck! Sired by our Able Acres buck, AABG BDV Kicks on Fire, Paint Me Black was a definite asset to our Black Boer breeding program.  He is a long, wide, buck with a lot of height and bone.  Paint Me Black had a strong, level, top line and smooth muscle mass on his frame.   His first kids arrived in January 2012 & we are very pleased with them.  We like the extended  necklines & pretty heads he stamps onto his kids.  We have retained many of his doelings as replacement stock.  The black color is of course an asset!  He carries with him genetics that have been proven parasite resilient & resistant @ the MD Pasture based test program in 2011.  Another January 2012 buck kid of excellent quality and conformation is shown below. 

Losch's R.V.F. Paint Me Black Lee ~ Black & White Paint Buck 

Losch's R.V.F. Paint Me Black Lee (SOLD) 


Losch's R.V.F. Buckshot ~ Red Boer buck with dilute spots

~Losch's R.V.F. Buckshot (D.O.B. 12/4/2008.......SOLD in 2010)~

 ABGA# 10482378 


Buckshot was a solid red/brown Fullblood (100%) Boer Buck with a large, dilute gold spot over the right side of his neck.  He was bred, born & raised on our farm.  I used him to breed several does prior to selling him in 2010. He produced colorful offspring with long loins & natural muscle.  He passed parasite resistance/resilience onto his offspring as well Several of his 4H Market wethers took Grand & Reserve Champion @ the Centre County Grange Fair in 2010!



Fullblood Spotted Boer Buck

~Max Boer Goats RU Top Spot (D.O.B. 11/20/2006.......SOLD in 2009)~

ABGA# 10365054

Top Spot's length & thickness are evident in this photo.......as is the bold, dilute tan spot on his back.  Top Spot's sire was "Logan Hill Are You Looking at Me".  His Dam was a red & white paint doe with PCI Codi genetics.  We retained several of his doelings as future brood stock. We retained a select group of does with his genetics.  You will still see his genetics in our herd today!

The goal of our spotted & dappled Boer goat breeding program remains: To produce a spotted goat that has the heavy bone structure, natural muscle & breed character to compliment the beautiful coat patterns that catch everyone's eye!  


Losch's R.V.F. Painted Warrior - 100% Paint Boer Buck 

~Losch's R.V.F. Painted Warrior~ aka "Paint" (D.O.B. 8/7/2004.......SOLD in 2008)~

 ABGA# 10288911  

Paint was purchased from Victor Martin in 2004.  His bloodlines trace back to Kaptein, PCI Codi, & Hill Country Genetics.  Paint increased the rear leg & butt muscling in his offspring.  He also produced thick loin muscling.  His kids had excellent rates of gain & did well in local 4H & FFA Fairs.  Painted Warriors bloodlines are dispersed throughout my herd.  Brood Does sired by Paint produce beautiful, colored offspring with muscular builds.

Losch's R.V.F. Bulldozer ~ Traditional Boer Buck 

~Losch's R.V.F. Bulldozer (D.O.B. 9/1/2005.......SOLD in 2008)~

ABGA# 10310105  

Bulldozer was a Traditional colored Fullblood (100%) Boer Buck that is from Full South African lineage.  He was bred, born & raised on our farm.  This buck was all about meat......thick, wide & solid.  He put muscle on his colored kids that some of my earlier Dams lacked.  I retained several of his doe kids to improve the muscle & mass in my colored brood does, before selling him in 2008. 

DSM 9B259 Traditional Boer Buck


~DSM 9B259 (D.O.B. 4/25/1999.......Sold in 2005)~

ABGA# 10061836 


DSM 9B259 is a Kaptein grandson!  This traditional colored Don Smith bred buck has the original studded Boer genetics showing in his pedigree.  I used him for over 5 years in my breeding program.  The muscle he packed onto his kids is unmatched to this date!