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 Welcome to Losch's Riverview Farm Boer Goats!


 If you are looking to purchase a quality colored Boer Goat, you have stopped at the right place!  Whether it's spotted, dappled, red, black, paint, or traditional, we have breeding stock with the genetic composition & breed character to produce the offspring of your choice. We offer Registered & Commercial Boer Goats for Sale year round. Our stock has shown well in 4H programs, as well as the ABGA Sanctioned Show ring.  We have a strong focus on productive, hardy breeding stock that is capable of producing kids with above average weight gains.






A few candid photos of our colored Boer Does are shown below.  Our brood does have earned their place here by being maintained on a forage diet & producing top notch kids that excel in my customer's breeding programs, as well as compete in the show ring!  They are pasture hardy gals that have excellent maternal qualities. 



Spots Tapestry



JRR Eboni ~ Brood Doe in our Black and Spot Breeding Program


~Farm History~

 In 1998, my husband (Stuart) and I purchased a 50 acre farm in Port Royal, Pennsylvania which borders the Juniata River. We both had an interest in farming and raising animals. . . . and so the saga begins. Stu began raising registered Black Angus cattle, but sold his herd when upgrades & renovations were needed on the farm. My interest in goats began in 1998, with two brown & white spotted Nubian wethers (aka “Bill” & “Bob”). I became intrigued with their personalities and the endless mischief they got into. Raising goats is a bit addicting. You can’t have just one! I began researching the Boer breed & purchased my first 100% Boer buck in 1999, along with a few non-registered does. Over the years, I have kept offspring from the various breeding bucks I used.  Each generation brought a higher percentage of Boer and better quality of goat. I currently have approximately 30 mature Brood Does, most of which are Purebred from many generations of breeding here on the farm.  We also maintain about 1/3 of our herd as Fullblood Boers.  Approximately 20 doelings a year are retained to use as replacement does in our own herd, and to offer at the sales we participate in.

Over the years, my herd has evolved.  I have progressively purchased higher quality Full Boer Bucks to add muscle mass & heavy Boer breed character into my herd.  Colored Boer goats are of special interest to me, as you will see in my bloodlines.  I am focusing on increasing the color in my herd without sacrificing Boer Goat Breed Standards and good weight gains.   The breeding bucks I have used over the years have increased the height, length, loin depth and leg muscling in my herd's offspring. Our Herd Sires have produced spotted, dappled, red, black, paint and traditional colored Boer Kids!  What an additional bonus!!


Please visit "Our Goat Nutrition" page for information on our feeding programs. "Our Focus" page gives a detailed account of where we are headed in the future.

We would be happy to give you a tour of our farm, or answer any questions that you may have regarding purchasing or raising goats.  By utilizing sustainable principals of agriculture, we are able to offer Boer Goats For Sale of exceptional value and genetic composition...........at very reasonable prices!





Young Boer Does on Rocks


As you can see, Losch's Riverview Farm has a strong focus on colored Boer Goats!  These young replacement does are 6 months old in this photo.  My husband created a large rock arrangement in the pasture closest our house. The goats love to climb & play on the sandstone rocks, which is helpful to keep their hooves worn down.  The rocks are appealing to the human eye & also attract the goats..............which comes in handy for checking them out for any health issues while they are turned out to pasture.