D.O.B. 3/4/1999 

Sorry........no photo available!  Chili was the 1st registered Buck I purchased when getting into breeding Boer Goats in 1999.  I can honestly say "We were color when color was NOT cool in the Boer world"! I had an interest in colored Boers from the very minute I stepped into this adventure and have not changed directions ever since.  Chili was a red & white paint buck that produced a good many Doelings.....most of which were in shades of red or black.  I loved the color he put into his offspring. Many of my Purebred Boer Does have genetics tracing back to this buck. We culled heavily & carefully paired Does he sired with Bucks carrying characteristics that would improve our breeding program.  The plan has worked out well for us! 19 years later.......we still have Does with his genetics in the distant background.