Our Goat Nutrition

NONE of our goats are on a high powered feed enhancement program.  Those that are on pelleted feed are given Blue Seal Medicated Meat Goat Pellets.  This includes those that are shown.  We firmly believe that genetics need to kick in to provide the muscle mass needed to compete in the show ring.  Show prospects are simply given a higher rate of Blue Seal pellets, than others being raised for production.

Brood Does:  Brood Does are maintained primarily on our pastures in spring, summer & fall.  They are given good quality hay with legumes of alfalfa & medium red clover when the pastures are grazed down & in the winter.  Pelleted feed is used to supplement bred does at a rate of 1 pound per head per day if lesser quality hay is being used.  Fresh water & DURAFERM GOAT CONCEPT AID Minerals are available @ all times.  We make adjustments to our feeding and penning practices each year as needed.   We installed heated waterers in our new barn & keep heated buckets in all our run in sheds.  The heated water encourages a good consumption during the frigid winter temps here in Pennsylvania.

Kids:   Kids are offered free choice Blue Seal pellets & DURAFERM GOAT CONCEPT AID Minerals from birth to weaning.  We provide a separate area in the barn with a creep gate to keep the does out.  They have their own 2nd cutting hay & water in the pen as well.  Providing the kids with creep feed boosts their growth & lessens the nutritional stress on our does.  After weaning, the kids are fed based upon forage conditions & choices made for show prospects or future brood does.  Show animals or those that we want to see obtain maximum weight gain & a quicker maturity rate are given a steady grain supplementation.  The does I choose for replacement stock are not fed much.......if any grain while on a lush pasture.......after weaning, unless I plan to breed them close 1 year of age.  Please note that a pasture raised goat grows significantly slower than a grain fed one.  Choose what direction you plan to go with the offspring & feed accordingly!

Bucks:   Bucks are currently maintained in a temporary setup, until permanent fencing and landscaping are complete.  They are being fed fresh hay & Blue Seal Meat Goat Pellets, as well as DURAFERM GOAT CONCEPT AID Minerals. Having ample hay & feed while confined together helps to avoid unnecessary fighting to establish eating dominance.