Losch's Ridge View Farm is focused on producing top quality goats that thrive on a forage based diet without massive grain supplementation.  You may ask what exactly is "top quality"?  Many producers focus solely on bloodlines as a measure of quality.  We do not.  Although we have an impressive listing of ennobled Boer genetics throughout our herd, we firmly believe that there is much more to a "top quality" animal, than a pedigree filled with ennoblements.  Our focus is as follows:

  1. Brood does that are able to carry, deliver & raise their kids without extensive intervention from us. 

  2. Genetics that produce natural muscling & excellent weight gains in their kids..........bringing respect in the show ring, or top dollar at the meat market.

  3. Healthy, pasture hardy goats that don't need heavy grain supplementation to keep them looking like a "show animal".

  4. Heavy breed characteristics are desired.  A "show quality" animal is simply one that exemplifies the breed standards in which they are registered!  

  5. Parasite resistance & resilience are two items that we are increasing our focus on & culling heavily to attain.

  6. Color....when quality follows.  We enjoy looking out of the back porch in the summer & see a vast array of colored goats peacefully grazing.  We will not get caught up in a color craze that produces goats just for their coat color.  Quality characteristics, as we defined above must be present in a colored goat.

We have participated in various Buck Performance tests over the years, placing goats in the PA, MD & WV.  All three tests are very different. Ultimately each is a measure of productivity, which of course directly affects profitability.