D.O.B. 1/2/2013

Losch's R.V.F. Certified Male

This well built spotted buck is the result of crossing the lines of Fern Hollow Farm Double Action (which traces back to T4 Scorpio) on his Dams side of the pedigree and TAM Spotted Spattered, from Darwin Mcleod of Texas on his Sires side.  The result of this pairing is a spotted buck with good bone structure, muscling and a long, wide topline...........all in a eye catching spotted package!!!  I took Certified Male out to a few ABGA shows in 2014.  He has a few points & has passed both ABGA inspections.  He also has kid points that do not show on the ABGA website, from good rates of gain on the PA Livestock Evaluation Test. Certified Male sired both Top Indexing, and Top Selling buck in the 2016 test program!  Photos shown below.


Losch's R.V.F. Certified's Priority MaleLosch's R.V.F. Certified's Jigsaw      

On left: Losch's R.V.F. Certified's Priority Male was Top Selling buck at the PA Livestock Evaluation Test Sale in 2016. On right: Losch's R.V.F. Certified's Jigsaw was the top Indexing buck of the PA Livestock Evaluation Test in 2016.