LOSCH'S R.V.F. X17 STOCKINGS (10417954) 

D.O.B.  1/10/2008    Fullblood 100%

 One of my favorite black paint foundation does.  Many of the black does of my herd still carry her genetics.  She carried Don Smith breeding on top & bottom of her pedigree......which likely accounted for the structural improvements that were passed onto her offspring.  I still have her genetics in my herd.

      *RAINMAKER (*I7163064)  
    DSM 9B259 (10061836)    
      KAPTENA (96187096)  
  Sire:  LOSCH'S R.V.F. BULLDOZER (10310105)  
      *DIXON'S EGF SWEET LICKS (*I02086067)
    TOFFEE OF THE WILLOWS (10178252)  
      *DIXON B.G.F. REGINA (*I00214029)
  Animal:  LOSCH'S R.V.F. X17 STOCKINGS (10417954)    
      *DSM 2B92 (*I02234069)  
    LLBG SUGAR RAY (10286248)    
      *MZ NYEUSI (*I7300056)  
  Dam:  MISS LEAGE V49 (10385529)    
      *ARAPAHO P03 SA (*I03280053)  
    *LLBG LUCKY JILL SA (*I04225130)  
      *MISS LITTLE LEAGUE P33 (*I02212085)