LOSCH'S R.V.F. W36 RED ELLIE (10417933)

D.O.B. 11/20/2007       Fullblood 100%


Red Ellie is shown bred in this Fall 2011 photo. This doe was awesome!  She kidded 2 sets of triplets within a 10 month time frame...........& raised all 6 kids on her own.  I sent one of her January 2011 buck kids to the PA Meat Goat Test Program hosted by the PA Livestock Evaluation Center in State College PA.  Her buckling (sired by AABG BDV Kicks on Fire) finished 3rd in the Jr. Fullblood Division & sold as 2nd highest in that division.  This particular bloodline has been tested via the MD Pasture Based Meat Goat Test Program & has proven parasite resistance.  I retained 4 of her doeling kids as replacements here on the farm. 

      *SB1 M72A (*903133010)
      *CJG P11 (*902166005)
  Sire:  LOSCH'S R.V.F. RED ALERT (10365937)  
      JSR PRINCE N' BORA (10133484)
    LCS LOSCH'S R.V.F. VICTORIA (10252263)
      SB1 KIARA (10156086)
  Animal:  LOSCH'S R.V.F. W36 RED ELLIE (10417933)  
      KALR VALERO (10112151)
    BAI VALERO 200201 (10160964)
      KALR KALLIE ROSE (10112157)
  Dam:  CJG 3106 (10385538)    
      BON JOLI COCHISE (10113327)
    GP P464 (10148943)  
      JG3 M23 (10106282)