1AA SLASH'S FIESTA (10524936) 

D.O.B.  6/26/2010     Purebred 97%

 Sold in 2014 to GHC Farm in Oklahoma

Steve Knepp, Wayne Ellis & I traveled to 1aa Farm in Illinois for this doe & her spotted sister.  She carries length, bone & spring of rib, along with her muscle mass & pretty head!  Her Ranchos De Dios genetics drew me in! Fiesta's coat was a beautiful combination of muted spots & dappling in shades of black, beige, & white. Like her sister, Pinata was also show correct.  Note:  She is still in production for GHC Farm in 2017.

      SCS STARBUCKS "TAURUS" SCV (10182638)
    MIDNIGHT PRINCE ELR (10382110)  
      *ELR VICTORIA (*I02134012)
  Sire:  FREEDOM FARM'S SLASH (I-10521333)  
      *BRIAR SEQUOIA (*904337137)
    FF BLACK ZAKARI (I-10524941)  
      TBF TRUNK BAY JADA (10231968)
   Animal:  1AA SLASH'S FIESTA (10524936)      
      LSBG ROCK *ENNOBLED* (10084134)
    TLB R244 "KING TUT" (10174550)  
      RBBG K28 (10048942)  
  Dam:  RANCHO DE DIOS* CALAMITY JANE (10319795)  
      CVC'S LOKI *ENNOBLED* (10072615)
    HIGH MT PAINTED LADY (10131035)