Current Herd Does

 Herd Dam Selection

We select our Brood Doe stock based on the following simple rules:

  1. The doe must exhibit superior maternal instincts.  If you don't have a doe with excellent mothering capabilities...that fancy, high priced buck with "big name" genetics, is not going to have enough progeny available to offset his cost.  Bottle babies are cute & I love them..............but they are not cost effective!

  2. Brood does must produce offspring that post good weight gains.  Our does are expected to produce heavy muscling in their progeny that brings top prices at livestock auctions or commands respect in the show ring.

  3. Does @ Losch's Riverview Farm are expected to perform.  They must be able to regain their body weight lost during lactation on a diet based primarily on forage, as our Brood Does are not on heavy grain supplementation. 

  4. Conformation is important. We strive to meet or exceed the Boer Goat breed standards set by the ABGA. 

  5. Parasite resilience must be evident.  High parasite resistance is a premium quality that we are heavily culling to attain.

Photos shown on our website are candid shots of the "workin girls" that make our Boer Goat operation a success.  I will post additional info as time allows.  We have approximately 50 breeding age Boer/Boer Cross Brood Does. 

 Note:  ALL Registered goats on our farm are through the ABGA.  
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