Lot #15 in the October 14, 2017

Fall Into Colors Boer Goat Sale

Losch's R.V.F. Certified's Tatiana 

ABGA 10707638   D.O.B. 12/24/15    Purebred (97%) Doe

Sire:  Losch's R.V.F. Certified Male

Dam:  Losch's R.V.F. T-Cat's Sugar & Spice


9/19/17 UPDATE:  CONFIRMED BRED via BioPryn

to LONGV Blackout!!!



Lot 45 in The 2017 Wild and Wonderful Boer Goat Sale



Tatiana was consigned to another sale, but had to be scratched when she was bitten by my Donkey and lost hair on her neck just before the sale.  She is one tough cookie and recovered 100%.  Lovely red and white spotted doe with an elegant neckline and good width. She is long and has a good amount of leg under her, making it easier for kids to nurse.  Bite and pigment are correct. Teats are 2 + 2. She is show correct.

Tatiana is another doe that carries many of our Herd Sires in her linage!  You can view photos and information on 8 of our Herd Sires found in her pedigree by clicking on our "Bucks" button.............and then:

Current Herd Sires:  Losch's R.V.F. Certified Male

Reference Sires:  TAM Spotted Spattered,  Fern Hollow Farm Double Action,  Sugar Valley Boers Royal T-Cat, Losch's R.V.F. Bulldozer,  DSM 9B259,  Losch's R.V.F. Painted Warrior, Riverview Farms Red Hot Chili




Lot #64 in the October 14, 2017

Fall Into Colors Boer Goat Sale

Losch's R.V.F. Certifieds Belted Bridget

ABGA 10754298      D.O.B.  12/31/2016      100% Doe

Sire:  Losch's R.V.F. Certified Male

Dam:  Losch's R.V.F. Volt's Blackberry Bramble



I was blessed with triplet does from this gals Dam.  Otherwise, she would NOT be offered for sale!  Belted Bridget is a beautiful doe from head to tail.  Very feminine neckline and pretty head, yet solid built and well balanced.  From the heart of our breeding program of spots and blacks.  Bite is good, pigment full and teats are 1 + 1 with 2 well spaced non-functional teats on each side.  Refer to A1 on ABGA teat chart.  She is show correct.  

Visit on our "Bucks" tab to view information and photos on 8 or our past bucks / "Reference Sires" found in her pedigree.  

Losch's R.V.F. Certified Male, Fern Hollow Farm Double Action, Max Boer Goats RU Top Spot, AABG BDV Kicks on Fire, TAM Spotted Spattered, Losch's R.V.F. High Voltage, Losch's R.V.F. Bulldozer, DSM 9B259




 Lot #76  in the October 14, 2017

Fall Into Colors Boer Goat Sale

LOSCH's R.V.F. MO's Blackish

ABGA 10753036     D.O.B. 1/4/2017    99.9% Buck

Sire:  Losch's R.V.F. Polar's Mossy Oak

Dam:  Losch's R.V.F. Spot''s Beauty In Black






Looking to jump start a black or spotted breeding/show program? Take a look at this buck. Along with his good looks, he sports a cool genetic package! He carries 9 of our past/present herd sires in his pedigree. Blackish is both long and wide based, has great bone and muscle and stands sound on all 4's. His Dam is a black paint and his Sire a bold red & white dappled buck that has ABGA points from the show ring, as well as accumulated points from progeny that was performance tested in 2017. Blackish progeny is bound to be both eye catching and excel in growth! He is 1 + 1 clean teated with a good bite, full pigment and sound scrotum with no splits.


Visit our Herd Sires pages to view information on our present and past Herd Sires in his pedigree:


SGR Polar's Copy Right, Losch's R.V.F. Polar's Mossy Oak, TAM Spotted Spattered, Losch's R.V.F. Bulldozer, DSM 9B259, Logan Hill Are You Looking At Me, HSF1 TMF Jericho Chip, Riverview Farms Red Hot Chili