Losch's R.V.F. Certified Male ~Spotted Boer Buck~





 Losch's R.V.F. Certified Male




Losch's R.V.F. Certified Male @ 15 months!


ABGA #10599415


This well built spotted buck is the result of crossing the lines of Fern Hollow Farm Double Action (which traces back to T4 Scorpio) on his Dams side of the pedigree and TAM Spotted Spattered, from Darwin Mcleod of Texas on his Sires side.  The result of this pairing is a spotted buck with good bone structure, muscling and a long, wide topline...........all in a eye catching spotted package!!!   We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of his winter 2014/2015 kids.  He was used heavily for this breeding, exposing over 20 does over a period of several months.  His first kids are due anytime in December.  I took Certified Male out to a few ABGA shows in 2014.  He has a few points & has passed both ABGA inspections for ennoblement.  We hope to find some folks that have a focus on ABGA show participation to get his kids into the show ring.  Contact us for details............





~ Fern Hollow Farm Double Action~

ABGA# 10379207    

 ~Photo Courtesy of Holly McShane @ Fern Hollow Farm~

My husband took me to Georgia in March of 2008 for this buck! It was a long trip, but well worth the time we spent to bring DA to our farm.  DA is a beautiful deep liver red & white paint Boer buck of show quality.  He is super long & tall, is smooth muscled & has great width front & rear. Weight prior to his 1st birthday was 206 lbs. DA produces beautiful kids that carry his prominent Boer breed characteristics, while also exhibiting excellent weight gains.  Visitors to our farm are amazed at his overall bone mass & size.........especially in his huge hip.  At last weigh in, he was 350 lbs on a pasture only diet. 

DA's offspring is winning in the ABGA sanctioned show ring & in 4H market goat classes as well.  In 2010, Losch's R.V.F. Rock Solid Red earned DA 17 ABGA points towards ennoblement in just a few sanctioned shows.

Extra Bonus…………DA's genetics blend well with our colored brood does, producing a wide variety of colors, including black, red, traditional & even spots!  We have retained numerous does with DA's genetics to compliment our breeding program.  This buck will definitely remain on our farm for as long as he lives!   

~Losch's R.V.F. DA's Rock Solid Red~

Losch's R.V.F. Rock Solid Red ~Fullblood Red Boer Buck