AABG Red Zone ~ Red & White Paint Boer BuckAABG Red Zone ~ Paint Boer Buck


 AABG Red Zone

ABGA #10640322

Red Zone is the most recent buck that we have purchased.  We bought him in June 2014 from Able Acres Boer Goats in Indiana...........sight unseen.  I had purchased AABG BDV Kicks on Fire (Traditional buck sired by ennobled Kickin Brass) from them in the past & felt comfortable dealing with them via phone, Email & messages to get all my questions answered.  We met Henry Williams in Ohio & picked him up.  Wow..........were we impressed.  Red Zone was taken to the KGPA show in June and picked up a few points.  He has passed both visual inspections through the ABGA.

His 1st kids hit the ground in December & we LOVE them! Check out the 2 doelings he sired that we consigned to the Wild and Wonderful Boer Goat Sale on May 30th! 




Losch's R.V.F. Polar's Mossy Oak ~ Spotted Boer Buck


Losch's R.V.F. Polar's Mossy Oak (@ 11 months of age)

ABGA #10670693


Mossy Oak is a Jr. Herd sire out of our SGR Polar's Copy Right buck.  He was retained when we lost his sire.  We were drawn to this buck and decided to keep for a few reasons......... We liked his growth & muscling at an early age.  He is also good and square when standing & walking.  His color is just plain cool!  Mossy Oak has great breed character & is 1 + 1 clean teated with a good bite and full pigment.  We have not utilized him yet for breeding, but do plan to give him a few does this Fall. 







Losch's R.V.F. Volt's Night Cloud ~ Black & White Spotted Boer Buck


 Losch's R.V.F. Volt's Night Cloud

ABGA# 10659871

****Look for Does (Lots #84 & #90) selling EXPOSED to him in the Wild & Wonderful Boer Goat Sale on May 30th, 2015.  Visit  http://www.boergoats.com/tools/catalog/public0.php for the catalog with ALL consignments listed!


Night Cloud is shown off lead and on pasture...... in breeding condition.  He is just 15 months old in this photo.  We are proud to have produced this buck and are excited to see his 1st kids that will be due in August/September 2015.  When you research his pedigree, you will see 5 of our herd Sires in the blending of his genetics!   TAM Spotted Spattered, AABG BDV Kicks on Fire, Losch's R.V.F. High Voltage, Losch's R.V.F. Paint Me Black & Max Boer Goats RU Top Spot can all be seen under our "Reference Sires" tab.  Night Cloud has a gorgeous roman head & wide hornset.  He is super long & up headed.  His bite is excellent, he is clean fronted & is 1 + 1 clean teated.  This buck is super easy to handle, as he was a bottle baby.  We are using him on a group of young doelings with hopes of keeping some to enter into the 2016 Wild & Wonderful Boer Goat Sale!





Losch's R.V.F. Certified Male ~Spotted Boer Buck~





 Losch's R.V.F. Certified Male




Losch's R.V.F. Certified Male @ 15 months!


ABGA #10599415

**** Check out his offspring selling in the Wild & Wonderful Boer Goat Sale on May 30th, 2015 on http://www.boergoats.com/tools/catalog/public0.php

Lots #5, #38, #60 & #90 are sired by him.


This well built spotted buck is the result of crossing the lines of Fern Hollow Farm Double Action (which traces back to T4 Scorpio) on his Dams side of the pedigree and TAM Spotted Spattered, from Darwin Mcleod of Texas on his Sires side.  The result of this pairing is a spotted buck with good bone structure, muscling and a long, wide topline...........all in a eye catching spotted package!!!  I took Certified Male out to a few ABGA shows in 2014.  He has a few points & has passed both ABGA inspections.

Update:  We were blessed with a number of excellent quality SPOTTED kids sire by Certified Male in December!