~Boer Goats For Sale~ 

~We offer a wide array of coat colorations, including spotted or dappled, red, black, paint and traditional.~  

Losch's Riverview Farm is conveniently located just off route 322 in Central PA.  Each year, our customer base expands! We are happy to serve customers within the state of PA, and welcome those who visit from other areas as well! If you are interested in purchasing from us, don't let distance deter you.  We travel to several ABGA shows each year & also participate in various public sales.  There are several reliable haulers that we can recommend for transport as well.



We do sell goats directly off our farm year round. Weaning kids sell quickly & do not frequently make it to our website.   Our next kidding will be in December 2014.  AABG Red Zone (red & white paint), Losch's R.V.F. Certified Male (dark chocolate & white spotted)& Losch's R.V.F. Black Satin (black & white paint out of Certified Male) are the three Sires we used for this group.  We are excited to have another batch of kids in the next few months!    We already have our 2015 4H & FFA project waiting list started.   If you have interest .....contact us early! 


We need to reduce our numbers a bit prior to the next kidding & have been selling off some quality does from our keeper group that are confirmed bred.                                                      

Please contact us for current availability!

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