Lot #64 Fall Into Colors Boer Goat Sale



I debated a good bit before listing this gal for sale.  This Purebred (95.5%) doe carries a splash of Savannah bloodlines from the Sires side of her pedigree.  As with lot #1, the small percentage of Savannah bloodlines in her genetics carries the desirable characteristics that shine through quite strong.  She has dark red eye coloration and is from very hardy stock.  This doe is the longest and widest of the 15 does I retained to grow out for replacement and sale stock.  She walks and stands wide as well.

Cedar Sue is show correct.  She is 2 + 2 clean teated, has a good tight bite and full dark pigment.

Losch's R.V.F. MO's Mr. Buttonwood (SQ) 10849162  ~ Sire of Cedar Sue