Lot #1 Fall Into Colors Boer Goat Sale

Losch's R.V.F. GQ's Miss Makin Me Blush (10849168)     D.O.B. 1/11/20



We are starting the sale out with a gorgeous buff colored Purebred (97%) doe.  Although Blush carries just a small percentage of Savannah bloodlines in her genetics, the desirable characteristics shine through quite strong.  Her Dam is a superior mother, carrying, kidding and raising multiple kids unassisted each year.  Parasite resistance/resilience in this bloodline is present as well.  Blush has deep red eyelid coloration, an indicator of this heritable trait.
Her genetics are intriguing.  Her sire is a black, tan & white dappled buck.  Her Dam is a white, buff headed AABG Red Zone daughter.  Throw in some Polar genetics in the mix and you get a beautiful blend of colored and traditional goats wrapped into a very eye catching package!
Blush is 2 + 2 clean teated, has a good tight bite and full pigment.  She stands on good bone, has ample muscle composition and carries herself with style.  Photos show her in a summer coat, with no optical illusions here……….what you see is all goat.  Blush is sweet natured, loves attention and is easy to handle.  She is not only show correct, but certainly worthy of the show ring.

Tadita GQ Man of The Year (SQ) (10793391) ~ Sire of Makin Me Blush