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 Hoof Care

Every effort is made to provide an environment that limits the exposure to mud & wet conditions, in which hoof problems thrive.  We have hauled road based stones in to provide dry areas when the goats are outside in wet conditions.  Our new barn has a covered barnyard area that is concreted.  This helps with reducing wet areas as well.  We made sure that the area outside our covered barnyard was a stone/clay base with a good slant away from the barn for drainage too.  Hoof trimming is done as needed, based on conditions the goats are exposed to.  Wet weather dictates more frequent trimmings.  Goats that have low maintenance hooves are preferred over those that require frequent attention.  When hooves are sore, they don't stand, move, breed or eat properly............leading to weight loss & poor health.  We cull goats that are "high maintenance in the hoof department".