Losch's Ridge View Farm feels that the best way to obtain the optimum health in our goat herd is to be pro-active.  We are aggressive in our vaccination schedule.  Preventing debilitating diseases is important for maintaining a profitable operation.  We give the 1st of 2 CDT & Pneumonia vaccines to our kid goats by 4 weeks of age.  This is repeated 4 weeks later.  We also vaccinate for CL.  Regardless of wether you have EVER had any lumps of any description on your property.............unless you are a hermit, you have exposure to CL.  We vaccinate for CL at 3 months of age or older, and again 4 weeks later. Think about it.........shows, customers walking through your barn, feed trucks driving to your place....after visiting other farms...............the list goes on!!!  We take a realistic approach to preventing diseases.  If there is a substantial risk for exposure & contracting a problem, & also a vaccine available to counteract the problem, why not vaccinate?