My grandson, Levi Albert Mast.......loves to visit the farm & feed our chickens & goats.  He is bottle feeding "U AR Fashionably Late" born in the Fall of 2012 in this photo.  Fashion was born over 24 hrs after her other 2 brothers & was not expected to live.  She's doing great!





This photo shows the front view of our two story bank barn.  The lower level is one large open area, used for the Winter kidding season.  The top portion is used for storage of hay, which we harvest from our farm.  The beautiful paint job on the barn is compliments of my husband ~ who happens to be a professional painter!   Note the fence line in the foreground of this photo.  It is 2 strand electric wire.........and yes.......we do keep our goats in with only 2 wires! 






This is the front view of our stone farmhouse.  The house is over 200 years old.  We have made numerous renovations over the years, and continue to make improvements while we strive to keep the original charm of the home. 




This is our female Chocolate Lab named Chelsie.  She loves to fetch sticks thrown into the Juniata River.  I think she would play until she passes out!!!  The attentive look is in anticipation of another stick being tossed for her to swim after.  



Our property borders the Juniata River, which is abundant with various types of fish.  This photo is of my son, Travis (on the left) & husband, Stuart (on the right)......after an afternoon fishing in the River.  The fish shown above are Small Mouth Bass.....................yummy!!!  There's nothing better than fresh Bass filet!