Category: Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis (CAE)

Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis (CAE) 

CAE is another "hush, hush" disease among Boer breeders!

We began CAE testing in February 2013, when customers from Ohio requested it prior to picking up goats they purchased from us. All 6 goats tested Negative. I did not realize the disease was quickly spreading through some "big name" herds that were using non tested Dairy cross does as recips in their flush programs. I am not writing this to bash flush programs, Dairy Goats, or those that responsibly test their recips prior to using them. I just feel that folks new to the Boer Industry need to be aware of the potential transmission modes of the disease.

Early in 2013, we made the unfortunate mistake of purchasing goat milk from a local Amish dairy to save a 2 week old doeling that broke her leg and refused powdered milk replacer.  A good friend of mine questioned me about the milk.........which we assumed was safe.  We tested her when she was old enough and she was positive.  It was heartbreaking to cull her from our herd and suffer a loss of over $1,000.00 from the vet bills to set and fix her leg.  She was & still is asymptomatic, as many CAE carriers are.  She is living her life as a pampered pet on a horse farm, with no chance of breeding. 

After realizing the threat of CAE in Boer herds was substantial, we went on to test our entire herd....approximately 75 at the time. Every goat was NEGATIVE. We are confident in having a clean & tested foundation herd and will continue to test every new goat we add to the herd.  The CAE blood test is very easy to do, inexpensive and best of all..........very accurate. 

We use the following facility for both pregnancy & CAE testing:

Precision Diagnostics, LLC

Submission Sheet pdf


The article below was written by me, Sherrie Losch, and then proof read and corrected by Sara Beth Routh @ the NC Cooperative Extension.