D.O.B. 3/25/2010     Fullblood (100%) 

TAM Spotted Spattered 

TAM Spotted Spattered was bred by Darwin McLeod of Texas.  We were fortunate to purchase this exceptional spotted Boer buck in 2010, prior to Darwin going out of the goat business. We are so pleased with the quality of this spotted buck!    His genetics include Ennobled DER War Paint, BAMA Red Cloud & RRD War Sassy.  We chose him to lead our Spotted Boer Goat breeding program to a higher level.  His kids did not disappointed us!  His genetic make up blended well with Kick's & DA's, producing spotted offspring with a lot of eye appeal, frame & muscle!  I took Spot into the ABGA Sanctioned show ring in 2012, where he passed both visual inspections and acquired points towards his ennoblement.   

Unfortunately, we lost this buck in a totally freak accident in the Fall of 2012.   His legacy lives on through his offspring that has been retained and used in our breeding program. 

TAM Spotted Spattered was a strong spot producer!  He also produced beautiful paints & also blacks.............which is not surprising as his sire was black & white spotted.  A few photos of his kids are posted below.  His kids colors catch your eye when they are born & draw your attention to their structure as they grow!  He was an absolutely awesome buck!!!   

 Spottted/Dappled Boer Goat Buckling ~ Losch's R.V.F. Spotacular Design   

Spotted Boer Goat Buck Kids at Loschs Riverview Farm  

Red & White Paint Boer Doe ~Loschs R.V.F. Painted Gina~ 

Spotted Fullblood Doeling at Loschs Riverview Farm