LOSCH'S R.V.F. JETSTREAM (10753028) 

D.O.B. 1/6/2017      Fullblood 100%


We are really pleased with how this AABG Red Zone buck is turning out.   Jetstream is show correct, with a correct bite, 2 + 2 clean teats & sound scrotum (no splits or twists) & full, black pigment. His Dam is a black spotted doe that impresses us each year with the quality of her kids.  Jetstream is a heavy framed, heavy boned black paint buck.  I can confidently say he has the largest frame structure and heaviest bone of any black goat we have produced to date!  He is still growing..........so it will be interesting to see what weight and frame he reaches when mature.  We LOVE his beautiful Roman Head and strong jaw line!   He carries Red Zones signature rear muscling, thick topline & wide front.  Interesting to note that he acquired Fern Hollow Farm Double Action's single dewclaw trait as well.  Both rear legs sport just a single dewclaw. Holly McShane told me this trait is linked the whole way back to T4 Scorpio.  I have found that every goat I have with this unusual trait matures out with a heavier and larger frame than others in his/her contemporary group!  It will be fun to see if my theory holds out for this handsome buck!  On 8/5/19, Jetstream was given a group of our does to breed. With cutting back on the number of does we have on the farm, I can't justify keeping 6 bucks.   For this reason, he will be offered for sale as LOT 66 in the Fall Into Colors Sale on October 12th in Frederick Maryland. 

      AABG RIP SKIP BABY DOLL (10424593)    
  Sire: AABG RED ZONE (SQ) (10640322)        
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    AABG BIG SEXY (10585031)      
      AABG CAMILLA (10490187)    
    Animal: LOSCH'S R.V.F. JETSTREAM (10753028)        
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