LONGV BLACK OUT (10705277)

D.O.B. 12/24/2015         Fullblood 100%

LONGV Blackout

His pedigree carries 2 of my Able Acres bucks.........AABG Red Zone & AABG BDV Kick's On Fire.  Black Out is structurally what I have been striving for in a black buck.  He has a prominent roman head & hornset & is wide based.....both front and back.  He tracks out wide and stops square, as seen in this off lead photo! Thick, thick, thick top line that is strong and level.  He is perfect on his legs and feet.  A clean teated buck with a sound scrotum (no splits or twists).   He has passed both ABGA inspections and has offspring with show points.  We were certainly impressed with his kid crop of 2018 and are anxiously awaiting his next group that are due in mid January 2019!

      C S B MAXIMUM IMPACT (OT) *ENNOBLED* (10469836)
    AABG MAXED OUT (SQ) *ENNOBLED* (10571244)  
      AABG RIP SKIP BABY DOLL (10424593)  
         Sire: AABG RED ZONE (SQ) (10640322)      
      BCBG STREET KING (I-10514373)    
    AABG BIG SEXY (10585031)      
      AABG CAMILLA (10490187)    
Animal:  LONGV BLACK OUT (SQ) (10705277)      
      AABG KICKIN' BRASS (OT) *ENNOBLED* (10406942)
    AABG BDV KICKS ON FIRE (10453526)    
        Dam: LOSCH'S R.V.F. KICKS MARQUITTA (10531979)    
      MAX BOER GOATS RU TOP SPOT (10365054)
    LOSCH'S R.V.F. TOP SPOTS SASHA (10457791)    
      MISS LEAGE V49 (10385529)    


Losch's R.V.F. Blackout's Ima Doozy (June 2018)

(As of 11/24/18 she has 10 ABGA points with limited showing)

Shown by Jenny Groff