Lot #97 Fall Into Colors Sale

Losch's R.V.F. GQ's Snapchat (10849169)

Purebred (97%) Doe          D.O.B. 1/12/2020

Photo Credits:  Reflections With I Candy


***CONFIRMED Bred to Mayne Harvester for January kidding!!!***

We are rounding out the sale with this eye catching black and tan spotted doe!  If we were not trying to keep our numbers down, she would not be offered.  Every responsible breeder accesses the strengths and weaknesses in a doe & pairs her with a buck that will improve future progeny.  Mayne Harvester was selected without hesitation.  He allows color to pass through and is consistent in beefing up the bone and muscle mass of his progeny, without sacrificing femininity in his doelings.  

We are consistent in maintaining does with heavy maternal traits and hardiness.  Snapchat’s genetics are no exception.  Zero Photo Shop & no long hair fluff.  What you see is 100% natural. All of our breeding age does & bucks are DNA tested.  Yearly bioscreening is done on every breeding age goat.  Feel free to contact us with questions on any of our lots or our management practices. Our lot #’s are 1, 29, 49, 72, & 97.