Lot #72 Fall Into Colors Boer Goat Sale 2021

Losch's R.V.F. GQ's Black Bella (10887496)

Purebred (98.5%) Doe          D.O.B. 1/11/2021

Photo Credits:  Reflections With I Candy

Big, bold and black describes this young, show correct doe.  Colored genetics abound in Bella’s genetics.  Her Dam is a red & white spotted doe with genetics tracing back to my humble beginnings of 22 years ago.  She will be 9 years old when she kids in 2022 & a testament to the productivity & hardiness in our bloodlines. These traits are both heritable and valuable to any breeder. Bella’s Sire, Tadita GQ Man Of The Year, is black tan & white dappled.  Bella has lovely length and width.  She is pretty to view from profile or straight on.

Zero Photo Shop & no long hair fluff.  What you see is 100% natural. All of our breeding age does & bucks are DNA tested.  Black Bella had a DNA sample submitted in August.  We will guarantee her PQ.   Yearly bioscreening is done on every breeding age goat.  Feel free to contact us with questions on any of our lots or our management practices. Our lot #’s are 1, 29, 49, 72, & 97.